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Successful projects require the input and feedback of all stakeholders – communities, residents, elected and appointed officials and interest organizations. We want to hear from you!

Dear Secretary Burgess:

I would like to voice my support for the National Grid "New York Energy Solution” project, which is a part of the New York Transmission Owners Article VII filing (Case # 13-M-0457).

Though I understand that this is a competitive process, which may take months or years to decide, I want to make sure my voice is heard.

I want to support a project which will meet the energy needs of the state of New York while minimizing the overall impacts on the neighbors of the proposed transmission corridors. I believe that the New York Energy Solution, as proposed by National Grid, meets my expectations.

I believe that National Grid is committed to working with the public to offer an optimized project design for approval to the New York State Public Service Commission. Therefore, National Grid’s proposal is, in my opinion, the best option for my community.

Please register me as a supporter of National Grid’s proposal.

Thank you,

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